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BLOCK 3000

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Blockchain Battle

One of Europe’s largest international conferences about Blockchain,Web 3.0 and Cryptocurrency, presented in an innovative format.

Exclusive Content

What is announced at BLOCK 3000 will guide the discourse of industry development

Top Speakers

Influential figures, each of them a thought leader in their industry

Innovative projects

Key industry players will present their startups and innovations

Groundbreaking ideas

Defining what is next in Blockchain

Unparalleled networking

Meetups with prospects for partnership

Crypto community is talking about:

  • When will the bear market come to an end?
  • Will Ethereum retain its leading role?
  • Will Solana keep its position?
  • Which cryptocurrency exchanges will take the lead, and which may suffer the same fate as FTX?
  • What new crypto trends will appear in the near future?
  • What are the development prospects of GameFi and Metaverse?
  • What impact will government regulation have on the market?

Investors need expert opinion on:

  • How to protect and strengthen business while navigating a much-changed business environment?
  • What are the risks of blockchain startups in the near future?
  • How to choose a safe and highly profitable project?

Project creators are still worried about:

  • How to reach major investors and enter the global market
  • How to take a confident leading place in a strong and competitive environment?

Forget rumors and speculations

Come and hear the expert's opinion at BLOCK 3000!

Attendees from around the world

100+Market-leading companies
100+Inspiring exhibitors
  • DEFI
  • NFT


Roman Babitskyi

Founder & CEO Babitskyi Capital, over 10 years of experience in unsecured lending and investment.

Organiser of the Block3000.

Dustin Plantholt

The Count of Monte Crypto

Forbes Monaco Editor

Award-Winning NFT/Metaverse Advisor.

Yulia Parkhomenko

Director of the Digital Economy Directorate of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

Carl Runefelt "The Moon"

The serial entrepreneur, crypto-evangelist who has invested in 400 blockchain-based startups, social media icon, made Forbes 30 under 30

Javier García

Country Leader for Iberia at Binance, experience in digital transformation and product management in Payments, Fintech, and E-commerce.

Zoe Wei

Zoe Wei is now the BNB Chain Head of Developer Relations. She has worked in several critical roles at BNB Chain and Binance for the past 4 years.

Laurent Perello

Blockchain Advisor in Europe. Serial entrepreneur and investor, evangelist in the field of cloud computing and digital transformation.

Austin Federa

Head of Strategy & Communications at Solana Foundation, where he sets its strategic direction and manages communications.

Vilma Mattila

Founder of 5ire with a net worth of over $1.5 billion. +8 years in impact investing. +8 billion dollar companies in the portfolio.

Adrien Gheur

Director of Investments at Zilliqa.

Has 20+ years of experience in investing, building companies and entrepreneurship.

Samantha Bohbot

VP, Head of Growth at DCG, manages investments & offers advisory to startups. Also responsible for forging partnerships in digital asset industry.

Sami Waittinen

Marketing Head at Trust Wallet, brings leadership experience in finance and tech, excels at managing products, operations, and stakeholders.

Kiril Nikolov

DeFi strategist at Nexo. He has built out Defi operations and is currently incubating small, agile tech teams to become standalone DeFi protocols.

Miguel Palencia

Co-founder and COO. He has 9 years experience in blockchain technology and 21 years in server administration, and Linux development.

Mary Camacho

Co-Founder & CEO, Holochain & Holo. Mission driven executive. Building a better web. Distributed, collaborative, P2P.

Cyrus Fazel

Founder & CEO of SwissBorg. A multicultural fintech professional. Has created Europe’s top crypto wealth app with 700K+ active users.

Mehdi Farooq

Senior Tokenomics Analyst, Animoca Brands. Former Director of Research at Token Metrics, he led research team and invested in Web3.

Philipp Zentner

Co-founder & CEO of LI.FI, an infrastructure protocol that aggregates cross-chain bridges and decentralized exchanges (DEXs)

This speaker will be announced later

This speaker will be announced later


The battle


Top event


The battle


Top event

inspiring Topics

BLOCK 3000 will tackle the most controversial subjects surround blockchain and crypto

  • Development prospects for cross-chain solutions
  • Risks and usage problems of blockchains technologies
  • Proof-of-Work (PoW) vs Proof-of-Stake (PoS)
  • Blockchain future for anonymous crypto currency
  • Blockchain technology as the only way to securely store data and digital assets
  • Which sectors of the crypto industry (NFT, DeFi, GameFi, DAO, Metaverse, CBDC) will see the greatest development?
  • Applying blockchain technology to banking and within public administration
  • Blockchain capabilities for holding democratic elections

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We have surprises for the WHALES, but we will reveal them later!

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  • 3d Networking day

Who can take part?


Valuable information about new projects and insights from the experts: development prospects, earning potential and qualified recommendations.

Crypto community

Make new acquaintances by way of international crypto leaders.

Get access to non-public news first hand!

Business owners

Detailed information about the implementation of new blockchain technologies in business.


Get the latest intel from leading miners that will help increase your profits.


Learn advanced promotion technologies and the secrets of profitable cooperation with investors and successful blockchain businesses.

Blockchain developers

Find out about the current state of the market, innovations in blockchain, get motivated and inspired to make more profitable business decisions.

Networking at BLOCK 3000 changes lives!

Connections, acquaintances and partnerships will level your business up!

If you want to be successful - surround yourself with successful people

Here is what you can expect:

  • Make your acquaintance with experts;
  • Communication with leaders of top projects;
  • Party Night in an informal setting;
  • Additional Networking Day with speakers for Whales tickets.
  • 100+ media partners
  • 30М+ targeted media
  • 10М+ influencers
  • 100+ publications

BLOCK 3000 IS SET TO be the most discussed event in the blockchain world.

The globe’s biggest mass media, crypto industry leaders and thousands of crypto community members will come together in one location!

Roman Babitskyi

Founder & CEO “Babitskyi Capital”, BLOCK3000 organiser

The blockchain industry is so dynamic that in order to secure leadership and competitiveness, you need to be in constant motion. Networking, conferences and summits, partnerships and presentations around the world!

BLOCK 3000 is the realisation of the idea to gather the best blockchain projects in one place and discuss them fairly with industry leaders. This is a powerful concentration of everything promising and innovative that is in crypto today!



BLOCK 3000 unites developers, crypto enthusiasts, investors, representatives of venture funds, C-Suite, as well as thought leaders in crypto and blockchain

Each voice
can be decisive!

the race

Blockchain Battle - The prestigious status that comes with the title of “Best Blockchain Project 2023” will be determined during the visual presentation and heated debates between the representatives!


Our mission is to acquaint attendees with promising solutions, open access to exclusive content, as well as offering the opportunity to hear expert opinions and connect in person

Don’t miss this incredible networking opportunity
and the chance to close profitable deals!



Media Partners


BLOCK 3000 offers a new kind of partnership. Do your part in creating and developing the
“Blockchain Battle”! Become a partner now, places are limited!

Media and Partnership Enquiries

We actively cooperate with partners, celebrities, opinion leaders and mass media. The team is open to new partnerships and is always ready to consider new proposals to effectively achieve our joint goals!


Sponsorship Enquiries

Partnering with us is a great chance to make a statement, showcase your brand and present the latest products on the largest platform for innovative technologies.










The major pain
of crypto community

Why it occurs?

  • Ignorance of the market
  • Lack of strategy
  • Lack of competence


Gerard Kenna, now a multi-millionaire, made his fortune buying Bitcoin at $0.2 per coin.

Laszlo Hanyecz, spent 10,000 BTC for two pizzas. He didn’t see the potential in cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. He lost $240 million.

The Cardano project is based on transparency and smart-contracts.

Became a leader on CoinMarketCap due to the big background of the founders' team, high speed technologies and low commissions for transactions.

Terra Luna crash could not be hidden neither by advertisement, popularity, nor by big community.

An inexperienced leader, unfavourable market and hype around LUNA and UST left millions of investors bankrupt.

And at last, world is divided into two camps:

Those who see benefit and future use-cases of non-fungible tokens (NFT) and earn thousands of dollars.

Those who sceptically follow the growth of NFT prices and miss the opportunities, unable to see the innovation in the technologies behind NFT.

NFT Opportunities have long gone beyond the memes and GIFs!

Adidas and Rolling Stones have now collaborated with Bored Ape Yacht Club, Louis Vuitton and Gucci make their own NFT collections displaying them in Metaverse, and Louvre digitises the works of Leonardo da Vinci.

Are you ready to be the one who knows, creates and grows?

Make sure to get tickets for you and your friends to the most anticipated event of 2023!


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